We do not use single use plastic. 


The containers that our products arrive in are washed out and returned to our suppliers who put them back into circulation.  We even re-use the pallets our products are delivered on, they are collected on foot by a local maker who turns them into amazing mud kitchens for children!  In short we reuse wherever possible.

By delivering direct to your doorstep we are reducing the amount of journeys that would potentially be made to a shop.  We deliver using a fully electric, zero emissions vehicle.  We refill in situ so that we don't have to make lots of trips and we deliver to a specific area on a specific day so that we are truly limiting the distance we drive.

Then it is down to you.  We ask that you only hold the amount of Island Refillery bottles you are using and make sure that you reuse them.  If you have surplus bottles, return them to us and we will carefully clean them and re-circulate.  You can also choose to refill and reuse an empty bottle you already have at home and we will only charge you for the product we dispense.



Island Refillery pledge to organise a beach 'Plastic Pick Up' once a month.  We will be starting small and local but we really hope that this is something we can grow, develop and get other islanders involved with.  Details can be found on our social media pages, please let us know if you would like to join in - all ages very welcome:)  

We would also like to support our local Trussell Trust food bank and will be donating essentials in reused bottles. 

We invite you to get involved by ordering an extra refill of washing up liquid or laundry liquid when you shop, we will make sure that it gets to a local collection point.  Please drop us a line if this is something you would like to do and we will arrange it all for you.


About Us..

Island Refillery is a family run business based in the village of Bembridge, just moments from the beach and the pretty coastal paths that wind their way around the Isle of Wight. 

This uniquely beautiful island environment is our motivation and has inspired us to put ethics and sustainability at the top of our agenda.


We aim to be transparent about all of our products, their ingredients and where they are sourced as well as bringing some of the most highly regarded, eco- friendly producers of household and personal care products to your doorstep.


We are always learning and improving and we welcome your questions or a friendly chat when we deliver to you.  We hope that you really enjoy using our service.

Best wishes, Fiona and team!