We welcome business and holiday accommodation enquiries, please contact us directly.


  • ​You need a bottle!  Use your own or order one from our shop to go along with your product

  • If you use your own bottle, order 'Refill' in the shop

  • Refills are billed after delivery 

  • We carry all products with us so we can refill on your doorstep

  • When we refill we only charge for the amount of product we dispense

  • We will add a product label with detailed information to your bottle after we have refilled it

  • If you end up with spare bottles please return and we will reuse

  • We can supply in 5 litre containers and offer a 10% discount, please contact us for more information.


  • Order before 10am on the day before your area's delivery day

  • Leave your bottles out for us by 9am on your delivery day

  • Free delivery for orders over £5

  • Please pay us for refills within 24hrs of receiving your invoice

  • If using your own bottles they should be empty, clean and have a secure lid

  • Make it clear to us what product you would like in your bottle - write on it or a post it note will do!

  • We cannot fill drinks bottles (water, juice etc)

  • We can dispense a max of 2 litres of each product per household, if you would like more please drop us a line so that we carry enough on the van


We deliver weekly to the following places (and anywhere en route). 

If you are unsure whether we cover your area please drop us a line before you order and we will be happy to advise. 

Tuesday - St Helens, Nettlestone, Seaview, Ryde, Binstead,  Havenstreet, Fishbourne, Wootton, Whippingham and East Cowes

Friday - Bembridge, Brading, Yaverland, Sandown, Shanklin, Bonchurch, Ventnor,  Niton, Wroxall, Godshill and Chale

Monthly Deliveries:

TBC for Feb - Cowes, Gurnard, Rew Street, Northwood

TBC for Feb - Brighstone, BrookTotland, Freshwater, Yarmouth, Bouldner, Shalfleet, Newtown and Carrisbrooke


All of our refillable products are displayed with a price per 100ml which is equivalent to 100gm. 

We will work out exactly how much liquid or powder we put into your bottle by weight and charge you accordingly. 

This means that you are only paying for the exact amount of product we dispense, so you can top up your bottles if there is still some product left, as well as filling them from empty.