Voted Best Buy 2021 by Ethical Consumer Magazine. Bide incorporate social as well as environmental responsibility into everything they do. 

Scented with Organic Lavender essential oil, palm oil and cruelty free, vegan, plant based and of course - plastic free!   This smells delish and cleans like a dream.  

This laundry powder is super effective, even at 30 degrees.  One bag is sufficient for up to 30 washes. 

Add 2-3 dessert spoons to the drum of your machine.

When the packet this product comes in is empty it can be added to your compost or recycled.

Use with your normal cycle *effective at 30 degrees

As well as being eco friendly and sustainable Bide is a social enterprise and its products are handmade by homeworkers in the UK.  Bide work to remove barriers to earn a living for marginalised women.

These women are historically:
Single Mothers
Women with disabilities
Women with convictions
Retired women
Refugee women
Women on the breadline
Women with caring responsibilities

Bide allocate twice the labour costs of the industry average to ensure their makers receive a living wage. 

Made using natural vegan ingredients:
Sodium Carbonate (43%), Sodium Bicarbonate (42%), Coconut surfactant (14%), Organic Lavender Essential Oil (1%)

Bide Laundry Powder 800g/30 Washes