Order as a refill or this comes with a georgeous amber PET refillable bottle.


Greenscents, Floor Soap is a highly concentrated natural floor cleaner designed to be diluted in a bucket of hot water to give a gorgeous smelling, highly effective clean for all your hard floors.  Suitable for ceramic tiles, vinyl, sealed wood, sealed stone or marble.


Thanks to its non-toxic recipe, is safe for use where pets and children play and roam!


This product can also be used to clean skirting boards, radiators and window surrounds!



Organic percentage: 72%




Greenscents Organic Herbal Floor Soap £1/100ml

    • 10ml to about 6 litres of hot water

    • Organic Percentage: 72%

    • Free from harsh chemicals, nano particles, parabens, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances

    • Approved by The Vegan society

    • Palm Oil Free, approved by POFCAP

    • The Organic Soil Association Approved

    • Ethical Consumer Magazine - Best Buy

    • Cruelty Free


    To store this product in your own bottle, we recommend that you use a flip top or cap style lid.