100% natural, course grade pink salt sourced in the Himalaya's.


Add a couple of scoops to your bath to help extract toxins from your skin, boost metabolism and promote healing as well as aiding relaxation.


Try mixing with essential oils like Lavender or Bergamot to add a soothing and delicious scent.


Store in an air tight jar or container

Himalayan Pink Salt £0.30/100g

  • Draw yourself a warm (but not too hot) bath.  Aim for around body temperature.


    For an average sized bath you will need about 1kg of salt to detox, add them to the bath to dissolve.  If you would rather you can add the salt to a bowl and cover with warm water the evening before  - then just tip the solution in with the water at bath time.


    If you like you can also add a few drops of essential oil too.


    Soak in the bath for 20 - 30 min.


    No need to rinse off!


    Take care when getting out of the bath as detoxing places more pressure on your circulatory system.  


    Drink plenty of water to replace toxins and rehydrate.


    *Not a food product.  Do not use if pregnant.