Biodegradable, organic, non - toxic and free of animal or synthetic ingredients, this has to be the Swiss army-knife of environmentally friendly household products!


Castile soap can be used for general cleaning, laundry, as a hair and body wash in fact there are so many purposes for it you almost don't need anything else - you can even use it to wash your dog!


Take some on holiday, on your boat, travelling or camping - one bottle will do everything - at a push, you can even use this to clean your teeth!


Organic Castile Soap - £1.10/100ml

  • Vegan, cruelty free, unscented, undyed, derived from natural coconut and sunflower oils.

    A quick internet search will reveal more details on the many uses for this product and how to dilute it for different applications.

    No SLS, SLES, PEGS, DEA, PPG, Glycols, Phthalates, Parabens, sufactents or preservatives.

    This product is alkaline and shouldn't be mixed with lemon or vinegar.

    We recommend a bottle with a standard screw top or pump action top for this refill product.