Soapnuts are THE most natural, gentle and economical way of cleaning your laundry and as such the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin or skin allergy's.  Simply pop six to eight half nut shells into the litte muslin bag provided, tie it up and put it in the drum with your laundry on your normal machine setting.  The natural soap in the nuts will leave your clothes clean and fresh. The used nuts can be composted after use and the little bag used again.
Try adding a little White Vinegar to your fabric conditioner drawer to help clothes stay soft or a couple of tablespoons of our natural Oxygen Bleach to your machines drum boost cleaning power and get rid of stains.

Organic Soapnuts - 480 washes 1kg

    • Up to 480 washes per bag!
    • Whats in the bag?
      + 1 KG Bag of biodegradable soapnut shells
      + 1 x Small biodegradable muslin bag
      + Full instruction leaflet on how to use for laundry
      + Full instructions on how to make natural pesticide and a     chemical free multi-purpose cleaner.
    • INGREDIENTS: Pure 100% Organic Sapindus Mukorossi (soapnut) dried fruit shells
    • Can be used on all fabrics and at all temperatures from 30. C - 90. C. Great for all washing machines especially energy efficient machines & great for all allergy sufferers.